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6 Essential Questions to Ask Before Choosing Your LASIK Surgeon

LASIK eye surgery is famous for its incredible vision transformation to patients quickly. It is the best way to improve your vision permanently and live an active life for the rest of your lifetime. 

Ever since it was approved, many people have declared their interest in undergoing the procedure for a better sight. It is the most recommended and utilized vision correction option in the medical world. Without a doubt, LASIK surgery can make a whole lot of difference not only to your vision but also to your lifestyle. 

However, you can only get the best out of your LASIK procedure if you allow the best surgeon to work on your eyes. The most critical question at this juncture is: how do you know the best surgeon for you? That is the reason for this article. In this write-up, you will learn the right questions you need to ask your surgeon before you agree to pay. Read on to unveil the best seven. Click here to read about LASIK eye surgery in Australia.

1. Is the board-certified?

The LASIK surgeon you want to trust your eyes must be a professional. Anything short of that, you are putting your eyes at great risk. When you meet a surgeon, make sure he is certified before continuing the discussion to a long extent. 

A competent LASIK surgeon must be certified by different Boards of Ophthalmologists. So, when you meet him, ask if he is board certified. He has something meaningful to offer if he provides a credible certificate showing his membership in various professional bodies and institutions. 

You can’t trust a LASIK surgeon recognized or certified by professional bodies. If he is that competent, he would have received some certifications to his credits. Professional bodies conduct different training and workshops for their members from time to time, making the members grow in experience and skills.

2. Does he have credible recommendations?

Ask your LASIK surgeon about the recommendations he has gotten over the several years he has been practising. Some professionals in the medical body must have recommended competent LASIK surgeons several times. 

If he can’t boast of recommendations, you have a lot of reasons to doubt him. And, on the other hand, if he presents some recent recommendations, you will still have to do further research about him. The best way to do that is to find his name online. Try to check thoroughly for the positive and negative reviews. 

You will also need to check what the patients he has worked on have to say about him. Meanwhile, you have to be sure you are not reading old reviews. Check the dates those reviews were published to know whether they are recent or not. 

3. How much does he charge?

The price of LASIK surgery varies from one centre to another and the vision correction needs of the patient. On average, a standard LASIK procedure cost up to $2,100. However, if you find that amount too expensive, you can negotiate with your surgeon to arrive at a price you can afford. You can read about 5 Qualities to Choose a Competent LASIK Surgeon by visiting

Meanwhile, you don’t have to base your decision on the price. The LASIK procedure is not like the good you buy in grocery stores. How do I mean? You might not get the same result at a different price. Having understood that, your ultimate attention should be on the procedure’s efficiency, not the price. You will have to choose between a low price and an excellent result. 

Most times, you don’t get to walk away with the two. Some surgeons might agree to offer you LASIK surgery at a lower price, but they will give you all the necessary care required to get your desired result. Hence, you have to be careful when negotiating the price.

4. Does he have qualified staff members?

In a typical LASIK procedure, the surgeon’s competence is not all that matters. He needs to have other competent medical personnel working with him. While you are looking for an experienced surgeon, you need to also pay attention to the kind of staff members he works with. 

If the surgeon house some qualified staff members in his centre, it is much expected that you will enjoy quality service and good customer care. The surgeon’s staff must be accommodating, friendly, accessible and courteous.

You will start dealing with the medical centre staff right from the first day you visit. Pay attention as they relate with you to see if they are caring enough and are committed to providing excellent customer care. You can also know how qualified they are by asking a series of questions.

5. How many numbers of procedures have they performed? 

It is also crucial to confirm how much experience your LASIK surgeon has gained throughout practising. So, it is good to ask him to see the number of procedures he has done so far in his professional career. 

Some seasoned LASIK surgeons already have thousands of successful LASIK procedures to their credits. As a matter of fact, it is strange for a LASIK surgeon ta have successfully performed up to 50 000 procedures. You can still settle for a surgeon with 10, 000 procedures record. But that would be the minimum you can consider.  A surgeon with vast surgical experience would have all it takes to solve your unique vision needs. 

6. Has he worked with a patient with a similar case like yours?

It is essential o ask your surgeon if he has handled a similar vision case like yours. The reason is that LASIK surgery has to do with specialization. It is easy to think all LASIK surgeons have the same training until you move close to them. 

In reality, each LASIK surgeon has their u8nqie area of specialization. If he doesn’t specialize in solving your type of vision correction needs, you might be working with the wrong person. The surgeon must have the right experience in solving your vision issues to deliver perfectly.

Final Words 

Working with the right surgeon is paramount for excellent results after a LASIK surgery. Make sure you ask your surgeon the right questions to know how competent he is to handle your vision needs. Pay more attention during the consultation session to get other answers to some of the questions you might not want to ask directly.  Choosing the best LASIK surgeon is essential for the eyes. Don’t take the chances.