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Armpit Incision Breast Implants

Am I the right candidate for the Armpit Incision implant method?

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What are the advantages of choosing Armpit Incision?

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Breast implants are now a common procedure among women, and reasons for such a common occurrence vary with each woman. Genetics, pregnancy, and weight are among common factors which influence the shape and size of breasts. There are many incision methods through which breast implant surgery is performed. Armpit incision is also known as Transax breast augmentation and Transaxillary breast augmentation.

Prospective patients should cross-age limit of 18 years before they can opt for any kind of breast augmentation method. The patient should also be in a healthy physical and psychological state before she can under the knife. Patients are asked to bring some medical and blood reports during their consultation. Finding a surgeon with prior experience in performing Armpit Incision is important while finding a surgeon. Since the incision is made away from the breast not many surgeons prefer this method as placement of implants becomes difficult. The patient should ask the surgeon the risk involved with surgery prior to the surgery.

Armpit Incision Procedure

The procedure can be performed in two ways; first of all, there is a blind method which means an endoscope is not used and a second meth endoscope camera is used to perform surgery. The procedure method is decided by the surgeon and the choice of method doesn’t influence the result. After placing implants incisions are closed by making sutures.

Advantages of Armpit Incision

  • For larger breast implants it’s a preferred method as there is no need for incision on breast region.
  • Scars even if visible are impossible to associate with breast implants and scars on breast are none.
  • There is no need for dissections and there won’t be any scars on breasts.
  • Recovery is comparatively stress-free than other type of incision method as there is no need for any cuts.

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