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Low Profile Breast Implant

Who can choose the Low Profile Breast Implant procedure?

What is a surgical procedure of Low Profile Breast Implant like?

How quickly do patients recover post-surgery?

Where can I find previous pictures of Low Profile Breast Implant patients?

Advancement in breast implants allows the plastic surgeon to choose the implants best suited to the patient’s body type to give a natural-looking flawless figure. Many women feel growing old gracefully is a thing of the past, and they are conscious about the way they look. Different women face different issues with breasts, but with age, many women lose perkiness and their breast becomes saggy. Sometimes even young females are unhappy with their bust line, and for such concerns with breast, a low-profile breast implants procedure is designed.

The procedure of Low Profile Breast Implant

Before jumping on the surgical table there are a few guidelines that everyone should know. The patient must cross-age of 18 years before she can opt for any type of breast augmentation surgery. She must discuss her queries and expectations with an expert cosmetic surgeon. After analyzing your body and weight surgeon would express whether low profile implants are suitable for you. Perfect candidates for low-profile breast augmentation surgery are women who want a lifted and tighter bust line.

The procedure is performed after making an incision at the breast region and infusing the patient with anesthesia. Later, choice of implants of patients: Silicon or saline are inserted. Surgery is concluded by closing the opening with sutures. End result of surgery is beautiful natural breasts.

Post-Operative Recovery      

Low Profile Breast Implant results are not instant; for the first few weeks breasts would be swollen, but once they get settled they’ll soften to give a more natural look. Once you return home you can’t go back to work. Patients must take 7 to 10 days of bed rest. The sleeping position must be upright and straight for a few weeks. Patients with Low Profile Breast implants are almost always happy with their results.

Before and After

Here you can see previous patients of Low Profile Breast Implant at Allure medspa.

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