5 Qualities to Choose a Competent LASIK Surgeon

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It is always a good idea to patronize a competent surgeon for your LASIK eye surgery. Whether you like it or not, the experience of your surgeon matters in the outcome of the entire LASIK procedure. 

When you work with a seasoned surgeon, you can be sure there will not be complications during the surgery. Your surgeon’s experience will also tell how long the LASIK procedure will take. Expert surgeon already knows what to do before, during, and after the surgery. They also know the right questions to ask to give them an accurate picture of your vision condition. 

Instead, would you pay so much money for an inexperienced surgeon who will only use your eyes to learn? As you would also agree, the eye is the light of the body. If there is any complication in that part of the body, the whole body would be less functioning. And, if it is that important, you need to commit your eyes to the hands of a seasoned surgeon that will handle it with care while bringing the best out of it.

However, looking at the countless LASIK surgeons available in today’s medical world, choosing the best out of the pool can be a daunting task. Yet, it is not impossible. You have to watch out for certain qualities when selecting the right LASIK surgeon for you. I have helped you to compile a list of five of them.

1. Experience

When choosing the right LASIK surgeon, the number one thing you need to look out for is how much experience he has gathered throughout practicing. Let me burst your bubbles. Some seasoned LASIK surgeons have successfully performed 25 thousand surgeries, still counting. 

An expert surgeon does not need to beg for surgeries. People from different spheres will consistently recommend him. 

So, when you meet with your potential LASIK surgeon, you want to know about his experience. How would you know? The best way is to ask direct questions and get the correct answer. A few of the questions you need to ask your surgeon include how long he has been practicing, how many surgeries he has done, how he has been treating patients with similar eye problems as yours. 

An experienced surgeon would have done thousands of surgeries and might have worked on different kinds of patients with varying levels of sight issues.  Feel free to ask him for written proof to ensure all his claims.

2. Specializations 

You must know the area of specialization of your LASIK surgeon before you allow him to operate on your eyes.  Of course, they are LASIK surgeons, but some of them are trained to treat specific conditions or perform certain procedures. You have to be sure that the surgeon has all it takes to attend to your unique vision problems before you agree to put down your put your eyes on the line. 

You also need to ask for the surgeon’s certifications to know if he is genuinely accredited or not. LASIK eye surgery is not something every surgeon can perform. It requires adequate specialized training and accreditations to be qualified as a LASIK surgeon. Visit http://breastimplantsindia.com/4-reasons-you-should-choose-lasik-over-contacts-and-glasses/ to read about 4 Reasons You Should Choose LASIK Over Contacts and Glasses.

3. Positive reputation

You must find out the record of the LASIK surgeon you want to work with before you agree to hire him. Positive reviews mean you can rest assured that your eyes are in safe hands. Your surgeon’s reputation will tell you what to expect during and after the procedure.

The best way to know about your surgeon’s reputation is to visit some of the past patients and ask them about their experience after the surgeon worked on them. While talking to them, make sure you ask every crucial question as it matters to your unique medical needs. You also have to get acquainted with the medical community to learn what being an expert LASIK surgeon means.    

If you find it difficult to see previous patients of your surgeon, you can check online. Mind you, you need to be careful not to be looking out for positive reviews alone. As a matter of fact, the best way to know the capacity …

4 Reasons You Should Choose LASIK Over Contacts and Glasses

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Gone are the days when people move around with eyeglasses which vividly indicates that they are nursing eye issues such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, or any other diagnosis. 

As of then, prescription glasses seem to be the most common solution for eye problems. And in truth, people with eye issues were getting fond of it, making it an essential accessory that makes them perform their daily activities successfully. Funnily, some even consider it a must-use fashion item that compliments their outfits.  

The prevalent alternative to glasses was contact lenses. Out of the effort to look for a better solution, people opted for contact lenses, which served better. 

Fast forward to a few years ago; people started to move away from glasses and contact lenses. Based on facts and figures, over 700 000 people in developed countries were throwing their glasses and contact lenses away. What causes the immediate mind shift? They found a better solution – LASIK eye surgery!

LASIK eye surgery is the present best corrective solution for different eye problems. Whether mild or severe, LASIK will restore your eyes to their initial perfectly healthy state. LASIK is a practical vision correction surgery that gives you a lasting balanced sight in the shortest time possible. 

Howbeit, it’s surprising that some people still have sentiment for prescription glass and contact lenses. While some believe that LASIK eye surgery comes with a higher risk of further eye damage, many think glasses and contacts are safer and cheaper. 

Do you also share this mindset? Or do you need clearer evidence to go for LASIK? I am here to help. As an expert LASIK surgeon, I have compiled four significant reasons you need to choose LASIK for lasting perfect sight. 

1. The Cost

It is easier to think LASIK eye surgery is more expensive than glasses and contacts. Let me burst your bubbles; LASIK is cheaper. Of course, it is not hard to understand. Permit me to give you a simple calculation.

The actual cost of LASIK eye surgery is way much higher than the amount you will get glasses and contact lenses. That is correct. But going for LASIK surgery is cheaper in the long run. How do I mean? Glasses are fragile. They can get scratched or broken when they drop on the ground or while you are getting engaged in your daily activities. And, sometimes, it might get lost. 

When prescription glasses get damaged or lost, the only option is to get a new one. Else, you will be putting your eyes in danger.  In the case of contact lenses, it is recommended that you change your lens at intervals to keep your vision in a balanced state. Even if nothing happens to your glasses or lens, they will still need constant prescription updates.

Hence, the constant need to purchase new glasses or have fresh contact lenses at hand will make you recur bills that will increase expenses in the long run.

For LASIK, you only have to spend the money once and for all. LASIK provides a lasting solution to every eye problem without complications. All things being equal, you can only have LASIK surgery once in a lifetime.  You can read about 5 Qualities to Choose a Competent LASIK Surgeon by clicking here.

2. Convenience

Have you ever felt uneasy at some point during the day while wearing your glasses or contact lenses around? Actually, glasses and contact lenses can prevent you from enjoying many of your daily hobbies. For instance, if you like to jog around early in the morning or perform some simple daily exercises, you will have to be extra careful to make sure your glasses don’t fall off your face and break while doing those activities. 

Sometimes, those using contact lenses and glasses find it difficult to sleep at ease. They would have to adjust to a side that will not affect the positioning of the glasses, which most times can be inconvenient. In reality, putting contact lenses in your eyes doesn’t feel comfortable. Though you might get used to it over time, it is always better to do LASIK surgery and have a perfect vision without carrying anything around.

Shortly after …