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Breast Implants with Lift

An aesthetically appealing body has a good shape. For a woman, a good shape includes a good bust line. This necessarily means good breast. One of the woman’s most interesting assets is the breast, which adds an overall sense of beauty and femininity to her. A good bust line can make a woman look younger, slimmer, and prettier. However, not everyone is blessed with a perfect body. Breasts like most body parts tend to sag at times. Low, droopy, saggy breasts that are unattractive and an obstacle. A bad bust line makes you look fat and unattractive, not to mention it hampers your fashion choices. The best solution to combat these issues is breast augmentation with a lift. Breast Implants with Lift or Augmentation Mammoplasty as it is called is a procedure that gives a firm, perky, and more artistically lovely shape to floppy breasts. At Allure Medspa, we believe in bringing out your inherent beauty through a combination of technology and the excellent skills of Dr. Milan Doshi.

Procedure for Breast Implants with Lift

The procedure is preceded by counseling wherein you can discuss with the surgeon on your options of implants. Breast Implants with Lift is performed under anesthesia and every effort to minimize scarring. During your procedure, your breast tissue will be lifted and redesigned and the Areola (pigmented area around the nipple) will be enhanced for an aesthetically lovely exterior. Implants will be inserted to create volume where it is essential to give the perfect shape and wholesome beauty to your breast.

Breast Implants with Lift Recovery

Breast Implants with life surgery are followed by soreness and discomfort which is tolerable. Pain medication will be prescribed to you to deal with this ache. You will be provided with a compression garment that will help soothe the soreness, reduce swelling, and accelerate healing. Most women resume their routine activities in about a week. However, laborious activities are not allowed for a few weeks.

Breast Implants with Lift Before and After Photos

Cosmetic surgery is a subject in which people find it hard to base their opinion on just studies, and we live in an age where we want a visual copy of everything and only after indulging our eyesight, we feel comfortable in taking tough decisions. For your own purpose, you can see many before and after pictures of our patients, and contemplate how they have achieved their dream contour.

Breast Implants with Lift Cost

How much does Breast Implants with Lift cost in Mumbai? Breast Lift Surgery is a procedure that helps to raise and reshape droopy, saggy breasts at a transparent price between INR 1,10,000 and INR 1,30,000. Breast Implants with Lift Costas Allure MedSpa, we offer the best treatment with the aid of the best technology. Doctor Milan Doshi whose expertise and knowledge is renowned spearheads our operations.